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Trump Baby Blimp to Fly Outside Parliament as Part of Anti Trump Protest


7Dnews London

Tue, 04 Jun 2019 15:26 GMT

A giant inflatable blimp depicting Donald Trump as a pouting baby in a nappy will fly outside the British Parliament in London, on Tuesday, June 4th. According to Reuters, the blimp will fly ahead of what is expected to be one of the city’s largest protests against the US leader.

The six-metre high blimp is to fly above Parliament Square for two hours from 0900 GMT when Trump is due to hold talks with the outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May nearby in Downing Street.

Anna Vickerstaff, one of the people who plan to guide the balloon, wrote in an op-ed London’s Independent Newspaper, “Our balloon is part of a proud history of political satire in the UK that sends a clear, orange, message to Trump and his politics of hate; that they are not welcome here,”

During his 2018 visit to the UK, Trump said the balloon made him less inclined to visit the capital.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London,” he told Britain’s Sun newspaper in an interview at the time.

The group behind “Trump Baby,” which appeared during last year’s protests, have vowed to fly it again if they could raise at least £30,000 (about $50,000) for anti-racism and climate change charities.

Don Lessem, an American dinosaur and robotics expert, has commissioned a giant, $25,000 robot depicting the US president sitting on a golden toilet, tweeting.

The robot says – in Mr Trump’s voice – things like, “No collusion,’ and “I’m a very stable genius.” Protesters will wheel it through Central London starting in Trafalgar Square as part of the demonstration against Trump.

Jeremy Corbyn, who spoke at Tuesday’s protest rally after snubbing Monday night’s banquet at Buckingham Palace, said it was an “opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country.

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