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US and UK Will Reach Agreement on Huawei: Trump

Science & Technology

Sariah Manning

Tue, 04 Jun 2019 18:20 GMT

US President Donald Trump, it is believed, will urge the British Government to decide against allowing Chinese company, Huawei, to be part of its 5G telecoms infrastructure, according to Reuters.

The Trump administration has tried to block the company from buying US goods, telling allies not to use its 5G technology and equipment due to fears it will allow China to spy on sensitive communications and data.

While Trump may be wrong about a lot of things, it does not mean he is wrong about everything. His approach to international trade threatens to undermine the world economy while making goods more expensive for his own voters. His confrontational attitude to Iran is making a nuclear arms race in the Middle East more likely. And his refusal to accept the science of climate change weakens the ability of the whole world to cope with its most serious danger.

Yet, on the issue of national security, the British Government should lend a sympathetic ear this week.

Britain says it has yet to make a decision on those involved with the 5G network roll out, but earlier this year the Telegraph newspaper reported that the government decided to allow Huawei a role in building parts of it.

When asked if Trump will impose limitations on intelligence sharing if Britain did not restrict the use of Huawei technology, Trump answered, “No, because we are hoping to have absolutely an agreement on Huawei and everything else.”

“We have an incredible intelligence relationship and will be able to work out any differences”, Trump told reporters after meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May. “We did discuss it, I see absolutely no limitations, we have never had limitations, this is a truly great ally and partner and we have no problem with that.”

After Theresa May announced she will be stepping down following her failure to deliver a Brexit deal on time, the spotlight now turns to the many contenders to replace her and to see if they will favour using Huawei or not.

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