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Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:43 GMT

What Do People in the US Know About Their Iranian Counterparts?


7Dnews Washington DC

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 19:57 GMT

On 7 April 1980, American President Jimmy Carter severed diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States and they have been frozen ever since 21 May 1980,

But since then the tensions between the United States and Iran could be rising to "the brink of a catastrophic military clash." 

The current situation marks the latest in a series of clashes between the US and Iran, and if tensions continue to escalate, experts warn that oil prices could dramatically rise, as multiple countries could be drawn into a conflict that could wreak havoc across an already war-torn Middle East. 

But when it comes to Americans and their knowledge on Iran, there seems to be a fair number of individuals who actually do know quite a bit about the relationship in the past, as well as the present between Iran and the US  

After gathering some information from a few Americans, they seemed aware that there may be some tensions between the US and Iran at this time, but seem unsure about how serious it may in fact be. 

According to the HuffPost/ YouGov poll, 36% of Americans say that they had heard about Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal with Iran, 40% had heard a little bit, and 24% say that they had heard nothing at all. 

However, it does not seem that anyone individual is taking any of what may be going on too personally and seem to view it objectively. Perhaps this is because whatever is happening seems to not be affecting Americans directly at the moment. 

Currently, the US has issued sanctions that will cut Iran’s imports. This will cause Iran to have zero sales in oil revenue and also will affect the Iranian economy drastically. 

Iran also allegedly shot down a US drone that was said to be spying in Iranian airspace. The alleged brewing tensions seem to be intensified between Iran and the US, and the Iranians also are involved in attacks on tankers near the Arabian Gulf.

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